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Jess (05-Nov-2023)

“Cymbalta changed my life. I felt an almost immediate change. I feel like a new person, free from a lifetime of depression. Yes, I do feel a loss of appetite, but honestly, it is a positive for me. The other side effects I have felt have all subsided now, although it has only been a week. I felt like a zombie for the first 4 days, but now my energy is back and I am happy. Haven’t felt happy in a long time.”

Boomer (23-Oct-2023)

“Don’t be intimidated by the negative comments here. The truth is that Cymbalta works wonderfully for some and sucks for others. But that is true of any antidepressant! Cymbalta has saved me from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. But I tried other medications, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, etc. I found that I could not take any SSRI. I found that I could not take any SSRI! Cymbalta is an SNRI. It works differently. I was not only able to tolerate it, I was saved. So no drug should be banned. They work wonders for some of us. If it didn’t work for you, accept it and try something else. But don’t let it scare others away from trying something that has the potential to positively change their lives. Drugs affect everyone differently, and the side effects are different for everyone, and it’s hard to stop taking them.”

Minerva Giovanni Biagio (29-Sep-2023)

Just received the package today, faster than I expected, great job!

Anna. (17-Jan-2023)

“I have been taking Cymbalta for about a month now for lack of energy, depression and chronic back pain, I started on 30mg/D and switched to 60mg/D after a week, I had mild nausea a few days after starting on 30mg, but not at all on 60mg. This drug has changed my life and has done everything it is supposed to do. My back pain is almost gone, I feel energized, focused, and calm. I am able to have a productive day just like everyone else and not limp by noon. I was very scared to start because I had read all the scary reviews, but I love, love, love this product!”

Andrew Dimond (15-Jan-2023)

I received my order and it was worth the money these days. Received it 4 weeks later.

Pstar (05-Oct-2022)

I wrote this review after 5-6 months of taking duloxetine, but it has been a year now. I started out on 30mg for a week and then increased to 60mg. I know this drug is not for everyone and some people have had bad experiences with it, but it has really helped me and I am very grateful! Nothing is perfect, so I only rate it a 9.

Ethan Walker (16-Jul-2022)

It is a good and effective health care product. I’m very happy with the seller – he offers fast delivery and great prices. I already have preliminary results and am ready to order more Cymbalta tablets to continue treatment.

Ryan Moore (27-Jun-2022)

This is my third order here, the last one was confiscated by customs, but the company reshipped it, so I finally received it. Always a high quality product, highly recommended and we will be back for further purchases.

Philip Moore (21-Jun-2022)

I’m so happy that this product works 100% every time and the service has been excellent. Highly recommended, thank you goodpilstore

JDMAM (16-Jan-2021)

Remember, everyone is different. Find the right medication for you. I took Cymbalta 7 years ago after having an autoimmune disease and suffering from depression and anxiety. It was very good. I then went off the drug for 3.5 years. Now, married with two children, my life was what I wanted, but I was miserable–so much anxiety, mood swings, snapping at my husband and children, interest in fun activities. I couldn’t stand myself. I decided to try Cymbalta (generic) again. The first side effects lasted a week. Very tired, lightheaded, no appetite, headaches…all gone by day 7. I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. My anxiety is gone. I am calm and easy going. I feel like my best self. I laugh with my children and husband and do not overreact. In fact, I look forward to activities and enjoy them. I am more productive at work and am strangely more organized. I have tried other medications, but they shut me down like a zombie.”

Alain (12-Jan-2021)

Used 5 times with no issues, they are the best, always in 30 days or less

Anthony (13-Jan-2021)

Dear Support Team, My package has finally arrived. It was the longest wait, but other than that, I was happy that my package was safe and sound. Weirdly, it’s been untraceable from day one. I hope this won’t happen again in the near future. Thank you,

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